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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

O'Reilly Threatens Sunsara Taylor

Sunsara Taylor’s January 4 appearance on Fox News’ The O’ReillyFactor was marked by O’Reilly’s repeated insults—”you’re a lunatic”—and Taylor’s laser-like focus on the Bush regime’s war crimes and crimes against humanity through his legalization of torture and illegal invasion of Iraq. But one particularly chilling exchange must be remarked upon—and protested.
At one point, the frustrated O’Reilly snarled that if things were as bad as she says, she’d be hanging on a meat hook in Guantánamo. Well, things ARE as bad as she says—that is, the U.S. government IS continuing to wage an illegal war in Iraq, and it IS continuing to carry out torture (as O’Reilly implicitly admits in his threat). So what does this say about how fascists like O’Reilly actually view any resister who can out-argue them? What does this say about how they are training their know-nothing followers to respond to the fact that increasing numbers of people are coming to question the lies of this regime and to listen to people like Sunsara Taylor? And what does it mean that O’Reilly can offhandedly threaten a guest with torture—that he can openly threaten an important activist and revolutionary leader—with no censure from his employers at Fox News?
This blatant and ugly threat against Sunsara Taylor has to be opposed. We call on our readers to view the video and send it to friends, and to send letters and e-mails of protest to Fox News, with copies to Revolution.
This must not be allowed to quietly subside.


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